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General Plan

The 2002 Prince’s George’s County Approved General Plan is the primary official public policy document guiding the county’s physical development. The 2002 General Plan emphasizes mixed-use economic development around 27 designated Centers in the county, most of which are located at existing or planned transit stations. The plan recognizes three development tiers–developed, developing, and rural–and establishes different goals and policies for each of the tiers. It also provides guidance for transportation, environmental protection, economic development, revitalization, urban design, and historic preservation.

The General Plan helps guide future growth, development, and public investments in Prince George’s County. It establishes policies and strategies to achieve the county’s long-term vision. The General Plan reflects the values and priorities of the county’s residents, property and business owners, community leaders, and elected officials, while also establishing broad policies on:

  • economic development
  • infrastructure and public facility improvements
  • transportation (rail, road, bus, pedestrian, bicycle)
  • housing
  • community character


                                                        What is the General Plan?
                   Derick Berlage, Division Chief, Countywide Planning Division, M-NCPPC
                From Where and How Should Prince George's Grow? presentation on 1/26/12


Please note figures for the percentage of development by tier in Prince George's County have been revised since this presentation. The new figures are as follows: Developed-25%, Developing-73%, and Rural 2%.


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